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BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Friday Evening/Vespers

BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Saturday Afternoon/Evening Program

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Welcome to Our Church!

REGISTER NOW for "Maker Space Fun Factory" Vacation Bible School,
which happens here at our church Monday through Friday, July 10 to 14! Your children ages 4 to 13 will join other curious kids to become hands-on inventors who discover they're lovingly crafted by God. To register, click this link:

NO WORSHIP SERVICES DURING CAMP MEETING! Here's our congregation's Saturday morning schedule for the next few weeks:
     --July 10 -- Communion Worship Service
     --July 17 -- NO SERVICES HERE AT THE CHURCH because of camp meeting (see immediately below)
     --July 24 -- NO SERVICES because of camp meeting
     --July 1 -- Services resume here at our church

Once a year, the final two weeks in June, our congregation joins with many other Adventists in western Washington for a "camp meeting" on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy southeast of Auburn. This year's camp meeting happens from June 15 through 24. To read the entire program guide, go to this link--and visit camp meeting as often as you can!

READ "Seeing is Believing," Pastor Maylan Schurch's June 3 sermon on John 12. Jesus teaches us three important ways in which we must see Him in order to help others see Him as well. (Click here to read the text of this sermon.)

DAILY PHOTO PARABLE -- Friday, June 9 --
"Memento Mori" by Maylan Schurch. "Wednesday afternoon as I was walking across a parking lot toward the place where I get my hair cut, I saw this startling display through the open doorway into a fitness club . . . ." (Click here to read more.)

OVERFLOW PARKING! Our church has a moderately-sized parking lot, but every Sabbath morning we have overflow. Sammamish High School is now allowing us the use of nearly 30 additional parking spaces on the east side of their building! So if some morning you arrive at our church lot and all the spaces are taken, simply drive east on Main to the second driveway onto the school campus, and park anywhere you like. Click the "Parking" sign just above for a map and more information!

WHEN'S POTLUCK? HERE'S THE JUNE SCHEDULE for our potluck fellowship dinners. NOTE that we WON'T be having services here the last two Saturdays in June.
      Sabbath, June 3  -- POTLUCK!
      Sabbath, June 10 -- No Potluck
      Sabbath,June 17 -- NO SERVICES AT OUR CHURCH (because of camp meeting)
      Sabbath, June 24  -- NO SERVICES AT OUR CHURCH (because of camp meeting)

This time we're using the reading plan found in the back of the Andrews Study Bible, in which you read a small portion of the New Testament in the morning, and a larger portion of the Old Testament in the evening. Pretty much every Sabbath he preaches, Pastor Maylan Schurch will base his sermon on one of the passages in that week's Bible reading. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in God's Word as never before! (Click here to find more information--plus the entire year's reading plan!)

CLOTHING BANK! Each Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon, our Adventist Community Service clothing bank is open on the second floor of the two-story north wing. Clothing is free. No appointment necessary.

BIBLE STUDY! 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. This lay-led class studies Bible books or topics in-depth. The leaders use warmth and good humor to guide the discussion. Join us!

PRAYER MEETING happens at 7:30 Wednesday evenings. Beginning with singing and brief devotional thoughts, this time is devoted largely to prayers of gratitude, as well as prayers asking God's help with requests that are made. You're welcome to join us!

Our online event calendar is at the top right of this home page.Here's how to use it. (1) Ignore the non-current calendar you see just above this paragraph, because clicking on it will get you nowhere. Instead, scroll up to the calendar at the top right of this page. Click on any blue-highlighted date on that calendar, such as Wednesday. (2) Once you're there, click on the underlined word "Calendar" at the upper right. That gives you the view of the whole current month. (3) Once you're in the current-month view you'll see that above the "Sun" (Sunday) column there are left-pointing and right-pointing triangles side-by-side. Click on the left one to see the previous month, and on the right one to see the following month. (4) Often, by clicking on an event in the calendar, you'll be able to see additional information about that event. 

Click here.

LISTEN TO "Communication 101/201/301,"
Gary Salsman's November 14 sermon. Gary gives Bible examples of how God has communicated with us. This sermon opens the heart of God and shows how He would love to relate to you. (To listen, click here.)

LISTEN TO "Old Map in the Attic," 
Ritchie Hammen's thoughtful, intriguing tour through the courtyard and into the holy places of the Old Testament sanctuary. At each step he provides practical spiritual applications, and tells stories from his own spiritual journey. (To listen, click here.)

"What's CIP?" you ask. If you've attended our congregation for the past four years, you know that it's our Bellevue church's completed Capital Improvement Project plan, for which God provided a steady stream of quiet but no less awesome miracles. You can read about them in the ten editions of a bulletin insert newsletter--and there are photos too! Click here.

Yvanna Hammen's August 1 sermon based on down-to-earth spiritual insights she learned during and after her recent five months as a nursing student in Costa Rica. You'll enjoy her stories about nursing classes, choral singing on the city bus, and even a horrifying toad! And then--once back in the USA--the miracles started happening, and Plan A became Plan B. (Click here to listen.)

WATCH THE ASTOUNDING STORY of Harper and Hazel Bishop, who lived humbly and who thought ahead to the future! To see this brief video, click here. For more  information on other kinds of fiscal forethought, click the "Plan for the Future" icon just below this paragraph.

YOUR ESTATE PLAN protects your family, provides for those you love, and advances the kingdom of God. Estate documents allow biblical principles of life management to continue beyond your life. Click here for more details!

If you weren't able to attend the 2015 Washington Conference camp meeting, most of the Rainier Auditorium sermons and other programs are online! Click

LISTEN TO Kelly Lin and Anna Nizovtseva
--descendants of Adventist missionary pioneers in China and Russia--share dramatic stories telling how the Lord drew them from indifference to a closer connection with Him, and to leadership opportunities among other young adults. (Click here to listen.)

LET'S GROW HEALTHY! Click on the above icon, or click here, to go to a web page where you'll see a  series of short, power-packed health tips. 

WOULD YOU LIKE a brief, Christ-centered summary of what Adventists believe? See What We Believe. Want late-breaking Adventist and other Christian news? For the Adventist News Network, click: and for the Adventist Review click:

CHILD SAFETY POLICY-- The Bellevue church has established a no-attendance policy for registered sex offenders which includes all church-sponsored events. For more information, go to

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BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Sabbath Morning Service

BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Sunday Morning Brunch

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Place: Bellevue, WA

Start: 04:17 PM, 12/15/2017

End: 04:17 PM, 12/16/2017

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